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Proven Planning & Management Services
When engaged in managing, directing, or consulting on Project Planning and Project Management, CHT has a proven track record of successful projects throughout the continental United States and the Caribbean .

When a customer contracts with CHT for these services, they are getting highly experienced leaders and managers who have demonstrated competence in planning and project management as well as in depth knowledge of the process and automation technologies.

It is the combination of these capabilities combined with the dedication to the customer’s successful project that empowers the CHT representatives to deliver a successful project.

Our activities include...

  • Consulting during project design
  • Managing large automation projects
  • Factory floor commissioning
  • Validation services
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • FAT support

In all cases, CHT works in the best interest of the owner. We are very proud of our unqualified track record of providing outstanding service to our customers.

Experienced in Process Controls & Automation

CHT provides Subject Matter Expertise in how to control complex biopharma, pharma, and API unit operations.

Our core competencies allow us to make better detail level decisions in design and implementation that make a significant difference in the final performance output of the automation control system. This in turn positively impacts the timely start-up of the entire plant.

Experienced in...

  • Process Control Systems
  • Building Management Controls
  • Machine Controls & Serial Interfaces

The CHT team writes Functional Specifications, reviews and approves PIDS, manages and instructs the System Integration Contractor and the Installation Contractor. CHT's staff routinely performs long-term assignments at distant locations providing continuous onsite representation.

The successful synergy of our experience in the details of automation and in the methods of commissioning management is key to the value of the CHT contribution.