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Industries Served and Core Competencies

CHT’s core competency includes process, equipment, and automation engineering/design and management for most pharmaceutical processing operations. Our team members are experts at putting the Process into the Process Automation starting early in the design phase and extending through construction, commissioning, and qualification phases of the project. CHT is the catalyst that brings all aspects of the design and operation into a holistic understanding of the requirements for successful plant operation. CHT delivers the managerial leadership and experience to energize the project team to implement a successfully operating facility. CHT provides these services at our client’s facilities throughout the World.

Biopharmaceutical and Vaccines

  • Fermentation
  • Media & Nutrient Preparation and Delivery
  • Recovery
  • Buffer Prep and Hold
  • Purification
  • Clean In Place
  • Steam In Place
  • Clean Steam and Purified Water Generation and Delivery


Parenteral & Solid Dosage

  • Formulation and Delivery
  • Vial Washing and Depyrogenation
  • Syringe or Vial Filling
  • Lyophillization




Fine Chemical & API

  • Batch & Continuous Reactors
  • Filtration & Drying
  • Distillation and Evaporation